Board of Directors

Our Goal is to teach Ferndale Youth teamwork, sportsmanship, safety, and commitment through sports.  We are committed to teaching the style, technique and philosophy of the Ferndale High School coaching staff.  This commitment allows for consistent development and a seamless transition from youth sports to the high school level.

Ferndale Youth Sports Executive Board

President: Mollie Gandy

Vice President: Stefani Erickson

Secretary: Lindie Saenz

Treasurer: Heather Larson

Registrar: Donna Gilday

Equipment Manager:

Member At Large: Nikki Casteel

Football Coordinator/NCYFL Rep: Brodie O’Neill/Mollie Gandy

Cheer Coordinator: Shannon Gardiner

Basketball Coordinator: Tonya Gilday

Baseball Coordinator: Eric Ebbesen

Softball Coordinator:

Volleyball Coordinator:

Concession Coordinator:

Fundraising Coordinator: